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Truck manufacturers along with government regulators are pushing equipment suppliers toward efficient, lightweight designs. Steel is losing traction in every market segment—from pickup trucks and automobiles, to truck equipment and van bodies. There are no exceptions.

What Drives Us – A Market Revolution
There’s a market change going on. We’re excited to continue participating in a significant market shift in truck equipment- a continued trend away from heavy steel to durable aluminum. While part of that change is driven by higher profit opportunity at the consumer level (better gas mileage, less maintenance on rust repair and repaint, higher payloads, reduced wear and tear on your trucks, better riding trucks, etc.), there seems to be more to it than either environmental responsibility or direct operational profits. With company trucks being a rolling billboard, a good image has become essential as the marketplace becomes more competitive. Duramag builds the bodies that save you money AND make you look good.

Landscape Bodies

DuraMag® Aluminum dump bodies are recognized as Best in ClassThe DuraMag Smooth Side Dump Body sports clean lines and a stylish appearance. The double walled sides allow for superior strength without the risk of interior impacts printing through to the outside.

-All Aluminum (6000 Series) Box Tube ConstructionHeavy Duty Long Sills & Light Bar – 2” x 6” x .250”
-Cross Members at 12” OC – 2” x 3” x 1/8”
-Premium B-Tube Perimeter Frame 6000 Series
-Proprietary Extruded Aluminum Flooring
-Heavy Duty Rear Corner Posts 3” x 3” 6000 Series Aluminum
-Barn Doors with Polished Stainless Steel Locking Bar
-Flat Bar Tie Rail 2” x 1/4”
-Removable Spreader Bar
-LED Lights Fully Pre-wired Inside Box Tube
-Aluminum Sheet Headboard (.125”) with Expanded Metal Window
-Aluminum Sheet Sides .125” 5000 Series

Flatbed Bodies

Economical FlexibilityThe DuraMag® Flatbed has ultimate flexibility.You can add: Hoists for dumping, rack sides to restrain cargo, sideboards to fully enclose the sides and back, tarps, tool boxes (underbody and topside), D-rings for securing cargo, rear diamond plate aprons to dress it up a bit or additional headboard lights and strobes. The possibilities are limitless—and they all start with an economical base body that will outlast your truck.Just need a basic replacement bed? The DuraMag® pickup delete is a favorite replacement body for rusted or damaged pickup beds. Great looks and function at an affordable price.

-All Aluminum (6000 Series) Box Tube Construction
-Heavy 2” x 3” Long Sills (6000 Series)24” OC Cross Members 2” x 3” (6000 Series)
-Premium G-tube Perimeter Frame (6000 Series)
-Extruded Aluminum Flooring – (Tongue and Groove – 6000 Series)
-Extruded Aluminum Headboard with Glide Track for Easy On/Off Accessories
-LED Lights Fully Pre-Wired Inside Box Tube
-Stake Pockets & Rub Rail (Both Side & Rear)
DuraMag® beds can be fully customized.

Dump Bodies

High Performance in Commercial Use
DuraMag® Aluminum Dump Bodies are recognized as Best in Class: Stronger than your typical steel dump body with all the benefits of Aluminum: NO RUST, Eco-friendly, increased payload, better ride, approximately 10% fuel savings.DuraMag® offers two versions of Dump Bodies to cover all your needs – the HD Smooth Side and Eco. HD Smooth – DuraMag’s most common dump body

Eco – The DuraMag® Eco Dump Body is built for non commercial, lighter duty workloads.

Bottom Line: DuraMag builds the bodies that save you money AND make you look good.

Van Bodies

The DuraMag Series Van Bodies are designed primarily for Class 4 through 7 chassis. The DuraMag Series comes standard in lengths ranging from 10’-26’.

Additional Features:100% Pure High-Strength Aluminum
Approximately 25% Lighter and 15% Stronger than Average Steel ComparableBonded, Rivetless Side Skins
Laminated Hardwood Flooring
Additional options for specific needsBest Warranty in the Industry